Wed, 27 Jul 2005

PSP 2.0 Browser Firmware

Yeah, I know, I should have stuck to the 1.5 firmware for teh h0mebr3w, but that ship sailed a long time ago.

It’s still not at the official site, nor via wireless update as of this writing (Wed Jul 27 09:28:18 EDT 2005), but I found it here. That link also lists all the features that are supposed to be in the update.

super blurry PSP shotThe browser string for the new Sony PSP Web Browser is “Mozilla/4.0 (PSP (PlayStation Portable); 2.00)”, in case you want to try serving special content for it. It really cries out for something like this — the first vendor to release one of these that works with the PSP gets my money (I hate hate hate mobile phone-style tappitytappitytap-style press-the-number-key-12-times alphanumeric input)

I tried to take some photos of the unit with 2.0 firmware installed but I’m having fantastically bad results no matter what I try. The combination of a shiny black PSP and a bright screen is completely confusing my camera, which can’t manage to focus.

I’m still trying to figure out the new video format stuff. If nothing else, H.264 should allow me to squeeze more video onto a memory stick.

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