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Playing Quicktime High Def Trailers on the PS3

Putting this here for Google's sake -- the information is out there, but scattered...

You can play the High Definition videos from Apple's Quicktime Trailer site on your PS3 (maybe the Xbox 360 as well -- I don't have one to test.) This is nice, as Apple's trailer site has about 10x as many trailers available compared to the PSN store. The HD videos are internally MPEG4 conformant h.264 video and AAC audio. I believe Quicktime Pro is also required. In theory this should work in either OS X or Windows, but I only have OS X to try.

  1. Click one of the links (depending on your TV's resolution, of course) and the trailer will load in QuickTime Player. Depending on download size, it will take anywhere from a couple of seconds to an eternity for the movie to finish downloading. I recommend allowing the trailer to download fully before trying to export it.

  2. Make sure you set the viewing window to "Actual Size" -- as far as I can tell, QuickTime wants to export the movie at the same resolution as the current window.
  3. quicktime_view_menu

  4. Choose the "Export" option in QuickTime Player's file menu.
  5. qt_export_1

  6. In the resulting dialog, choose to export the movie with both audio and video set to "passthrough."
  7. Save exported file as2026

    MPEG-4 Export Settings (video)

    MPEG-4 Export Settings

  8. Move the resultant MP4 file to your console via network, using something like MediaLink or MediaTomb, or via a thumb drive.

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