Sat, 23 Apr 2022

Battlestation, Spring 2022

Home office setup

I haven’t done one of these in awhile. Here’s my current home office setup. As it stands, I’ve got a whole lot of gear on not much desk, which will probably need to change in some substantial ways.

Right now, I have two completely independent 14-inch 2021 MacBook Pros (M1 Pro). The work laptop (central on the desk) is pretty much completely locked down, VPNed into work. It would be nice to use macOS Universal Control to avoid having to maintain 2 mouse+keyboard setups, but the requirement that both machines be signed into the same iCloud account is a nonstarter.

Therefore, I’ve gone with a small (61-key) mechanical keyboard, and a white Magic Mouse. My personal laptop has the larger (87-key) keyboard and black Magic Mouse. I wasn’t really looking for the gaudy RGB backlit KBs, but they’re pretty decently priced for mechanical keyboards.

The work laptop is plugged into the LG 4k monitor (worth noting that it seems they’ve replaced this one with a different model with a better panel.) There’s a stereo OG HomePod pair in the rear corners, usually being streamed to over AirPlay 2 from the personal MBP. On the left is my now (quite rare, apparently) LED Pac Man clock. On the right is an ancient iPad mini being used as a DakBoard display. There’s also an Apple Polishing Cloth (for the lulz) and a slightly useless Nanoleaf Remote (theoretically for controlling my HomeKit gear.) The mousepad is a nice leather thing that (unsurprisingly) has gotten better with use.

As mentioned, I probably need a bigger desk. I’m probably going to elevate the LG with some sort of VESA mount to free up some surface space.

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