Fri, 06 Jan 2006

Handy(?) Script for OS X Users

I threw together this script and I thought one or two others of you out there might find it useful. It takes a single tag as a parameter, and, assuming you’re backing up your bookmarks locally (as you should be doing, using Ian Henderson’s delimport), it will return all your delicious links that match that tag.


It requires 10.4 (as does delimport), as it uses Spotlight to find stuff.

Disclaimers: I whipped this up in about 30 seconds (and it shows). There are doubtlessly more efficient ways of grabbing the relevant info from Spotlight than running mdls 3 times in succession… It does no real error checking, and may very well turn your shiny quad-core G5 into a shiny aluminum puddle. Patches / complete rewrites welcome.

Known bugs: if you've renamed bookmark files with spaces, you'll get some ugly.

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