Sun, 24 Aug 2003

Testing HyperEdit

I'm playing around with HyperEdit, a new WebKit-savvy text editor that does a couple of cool things of note. Like Hydra, you can preview HTML via a fast, correct renderer. What's new to HyperEdit is the ability to take advantage of your installed JavaScriptCore and PHP engines as well -- I imagine this would be a killer feature if I worked in either of those languages. You can also attach external CSS to the HTML file you're editing -- for example, I'm editing this in HyperEdit's window and it's previewing with a local copy of blog's stylesheet (I want this feature in Hydra.) Though I haven't tried it yet, there's apparently a way to reverse the process so that you can watch stylesheet changes affect an HTML file in real-time (that could be really, really handy if you're contemplating a redesign, I imagine.)

It definitely shows promise, though it currently lacks the polish of a Hydra or a TextWrangler. It insists on controlling the file extension, for example -- if you're in HTML mode, you have to save the file with an HTML extension. My weblog entries are all have to end in .txt, that's how Blosxom decides whether to render them or not, so I'd have to do a manual rename if I used HyperEdit to edit them. There are a dozen other little annoyances on this scale -- none of them a show-stopper in isolation, but cumulatively enough to keep me firmly in the Hydra camp for now. Still, I'm intrigued, and I find myself agreeing more and more with John Gruber that Webkit is the big behind-the-scenes story in the Mac world this year.

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