Mon, 23 Jun 2003

WWDC 2003

The new Apple announcements. (341 words)

  • Safari 1.0 -- It seems a touch faster, and even more importantly they seem to have squashed a couple of nasty memory leaks in the last beta that made long, multi-window, multi-tab browsing sessions less than pleasant. The International Herald Tribune site works now. They reset the default font settings to more closely match Internet Explorer for Windows. I guess that's a low friction approach, but I have to say that 16 point Times looks utterly ridiculous on my 15-inch screen, like a large-print book or something. I immediately set things back to Lucida Grande, but if I set the font size to less than 16 point then type specified as xx-small becomes irrevocably munged (e.g. the default stylesheet my Shoutbox uses.) I suppose that's a side effect of moving to 96dpi (once again, to match WinIE.)
  • iChat A/V -- I'm not a really heavy IM user, and my family are all on AOL, so I rarely have much reason to go beyond iChat for my IM needs. A brief 60-second chat with Sven showed that the audio quality, even for a transatlantic connection, was quite good (not quite Vonage quality, but decent, especially for the price.) I have a webcam, but it's an utter piece of crap (especially in low light) and it's USB, so no video conferencing yet.
  • Panther features -- As far as most of the Panther features go, Sven did a pretty good job of summing up the good and the scary. I just don't know enough about the new Finder to say anything meaningful, but the fast BeOS-style searching looks really good and the Fast User Switching will definitely get a workout here at home. The new PDF features are going to be great, especially getting Postscript rendering "for free" throughout the system. The encrypted home directory sounds like something that could be really, really cool, especially if its completely transparent to the user.
  • G5 -- Unlike a lot of folks (grin), I really need a new computer. Time to start hoarding my bottles and pennies.

edit: One great thing about today's announcements: at least we won't have to hear about how Apple will/should switch to Intel or AMD for at least, say, a week or so. ;)

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