Thu, 14 Oct 2004

My Menubar

My OS X menubar (right hand side)

Gummi started it, Sven piled on, and now I’ll play too:

Left to right:

  • iScrobbler, which keeps my AudioScrabbler profile up-to-date.
  • Meteorologist, a truly cool little tool that provides me with current weather conditions and forecasts for my own city and several others (friends and relatives).
  • Applescript Script Menu, being exactly what it sounds like
  • The stock OS X menubar volume control
  • iChat presence icon
  • Input menu (switch keyboard layouts, open input palettes, that sort of thing)
  • Clock
  • Fast User Switch Menu with Winswitch: very handy when one of us is already logged in and the other wants to quickly check email or look in his/her addressbook or iCal. The WinSwitch menu saves a lot of space over the standard one

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