Tue, 07 Jan 2003

MacWorld Keynote 1st Impressions

  • New powerbooks
    • The 12" is teensy! The question is, how small is too small (i.e. how easy to use are the keyboard and trackpad?) The battery life, is, of course, excellent.
    • The 17" is droolworthy, of course, but a little rich for my blood. That auto-sensing/self-backliting keyboard is pretty scifi, and I dig the profusion of ports on the thing.
    • The new ad is hilarious. I don't think it's on the site yet. I won't spoil it for you... you'll know it when you see it.
  • The software
    • I'm posting this entry with Safari right now. It's blazingly fast, but I'm severly missing tabs. I wonder why they went with KHTML instead of Gecko? All I can figure is that the project must have been well underway before they hired Hyatt.
    • Don't have much to say about Keynote, as I'm not the target market, but the Quartz-enhanced effects look nice.
    • I'm curious about the X11 server -- namely, will I have to recompile my Fink-installed stuff for it to work?

Overall not a bad keynote. Faster desktops would have been nice, or course, and we're still waiting for Apple's next handheld move, but the new Powerbooks and software seem pretty good.

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