Sat, 24 Jan 2004

20 Years Old

Noted: the Macintosh turns 20 years old today. I actually saw the 1984 ad broadcast during the Super Bowl the first (and only) time it actually aired, though at that point, of course, I wasn't sure what it was advertising. About a week later, one of my best friends at school (and one of the first people I ever knew with an Apple II at home) mentioned playing with one at a computer store (it was more than likely at a Computerland or Inacomp, both of which used to be huge in the 80's but are all but nonexisitent today.) He was struck by how sharp the screen was, though it was small and monochrome. It wasn't Apple II compatible though, oddly enough, so, at that time, we weren't really interested, and went back to talking about Wizardry, Atari 800s and Commodore 64s. A few weeks later I went into an Inacomp while my mom was off in another part of the strip mall doing something productive and grabbed up a bunch of brochures, including the one I think Steve Jobs was showing off the other day during his keynote. I do remember reading the spread on the new apps Microsoft was developing for the new computer. They were showing off Multiplan, Word, and Chart, as I recall, though at the time what I was most interested in seeing was Microsoft BASIC. Heh, 1984. They had a Mac and a Lisa side by side at Inacomp, if I recall correctly. I think I played with the Lisa.

It wasn't until later that year, during the summer, that I actually sat down at a Mac for an appreciable period of time, but that's a different Grampa Simpson story for another day...

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