Sun, 13 Jun 2004

Kewl Tool Roll

  • (mac) Inquisitor: Google searching as you type. Quite nifty. via ssp

  • (any modern OS) Instiki: Cool Wiki engine. Yet another stop along the road in my quest for the perfect personal task manager / to do list / project space. The notable things about this one: nicely self-contained (runs on its own included webserver), supports Markdown and Textile, runs on Ruby (Ruby built into OS X is too old, grab the prebuilt version that embeds the Ruby runtime or install a current Ruby dist via Darwinports or Fink).

  • (web) Memigo: A headline clipping service that learns what you like, can export feeds.

  • (mac) iEatBrainz: Uses the MusicBrains metadata engine to help you clean up your iTunes library’s metadata. Great for doing something about those “mystery tracks” that you collected from who knows where.

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