Thu, 27 Mar 2003

Using a newsreader as a... newsreader

I mean, using a Usenet newsreader as an RSS feed reader. This isn't the first time I've heard about someone playing with the idea of integrating RSS feeds into a Usenet framework, but this is the easiest to use implementation I've seen so far. nntp//rss (version 0.3) is a java application, so it runs on pretty much everything. It presents a standard-looking NNTP interface on port 119, so (theoretically) you should be able to read your favorite RSS feeds in any minimally compliant Usenet newsreader. This is the sort of thing that really appeals to fossils like me who've been reading Usenet forever. Though there are lots of specialty features a good dedicated RSS reader can offer that some of these old fossil apps aren't going to support, but the sort of people who have been reading Usenet for years have their own workflows that something like this can integrate with.

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