Wed, 02 Apr 2003

New Mozilla Roadmap

The Mozilla Project has unveiled their latest development roadmap, and there are two really big bits of news to be found there:

  1. The large, integrated Navigator browser project, which integrates a web browsing front-end with a mail/news client, HTML composer, etc., is being replaced with smaller, more focused subprojects, based on Phoenix and Thunderbird (neé Minotaur.)
  2. They're tightening up module ownership, which should (theoretically) result in higher quality code and more strongly focused project management.
There are other significant changes (e.g. moving to Mozilla 1.4 as the recommended stable baseline branchm etc.), but the two changes above are the ones that are probably the biggest deals. Best of luck to them.

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Actually, I think I’ll wait for potato to be finalised before
installing debian.
That should be soon, I’m hoping. :)
Endy: You obviously know very little about Debian.