Mon, 27 Oct 2003

jEdit and Stuff

My copy of Panther is in the hands of UPS, and there's no shortage of reviews for it anyway, so I'll talk about some other software.

It's well known that my current favorite text editor is Hydra SubEthaEdit. I can't use it on my office PC, but I have found something to use there that I like nearly as much. It's called jEdit, and it runs as a Java desktop application. I know that sets off alarm bells in some people's heads, but it's really quite nice. It's very responsive (even as a non-native application), and the interface isn't particularly jarring (I'm notoriously not picky about interface consistency when I'm in Windows, I'll admit.) Since it's Java, it runs in most every modern OS. I've run it in OSX, Windows, and I'm going to try it on FreeBSD later. It does everything you'd expect from a modern programmer's editor, and benefits from one of the coolest plugin architectures I've seen in any application. The plugin manager is fully web-integrated: it connects to a server and presents a fully up-to-date list of modules, complete with descriptions, that you can download and install with a single click. It handles dependencies automatically, too. The only negative is that plugins require a restart before they become active, which is subobptimal, but hardly a deal-breaker.

Unconnected observation -- the Delgados are really, really good. They've been around a while, too -- I wonder how I missed them.

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