Tue, 29 Oct 2002

Browser bummage

I finally found something that IE does (correctly?) that Mozilla (and other Gecko-based browsers) don't do. I want to embed my radio station's "Now Playing" window into this page as an IFRAME. Live365 provides a little window that shows the currently playing track, plus the two before it -- a pretty nice thing to have on the station blog page, dontcha think? The window renders via JavaScript, so it won't work if the user has JS turned off, but if you surf without JS you're used to the occasional empty box so no biggie. Anyway, I spent a little time playing around with this, and in IE I can get exactly what I want. However in my beloved, default browser, no dice.

Unfortunately there is a longstanding Gecko bug which affects dynamic JS-generated content rendered into IFRAMEs. Basically, they don't work, even though I think (I'm clearly no web standards expert) the DOM 1 spec says they should. I would love to be proven wrong, if anyone else knows otherwise.

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