Sat, 30 Jul 2005

PSP and Ubiquitous Wireless Access

I had my newly 2.0 PSP with me all day today as we did our usual Saturday running around. One thing is that you can use the network setup config screen as a sort-of ghetto Wi-Fi sniffer. :) It’ll list any networks it detects, along with the SSID, signal strength (as a percentage, of what, I wonder), and the type of security (currently none, WEP, and WPA-TKIP are detected.) There were wireless networks nearly everywhere we stopped today, about half of them secured. 802.11 is truly ubiquitous nowadays.

Anyway, a truly portable web browsing device is really a big deal when teamed up with Wi-Fi everywhere. I spent some time sipping a lemonade at my favorite free Wi-Fi spot and casually browsing on the PSP, and it’s a much less awkward affair on a 10-ounce handheld than it is schlepping around an 8 pound laptop, unfolding it on the table, etc. Don’t talk to me about browsing on mobile phones, either — that’s an exercise in purest pain in comparison (the PSP’s bright, sharp, wide screen makes all the difference.)

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