Thu, 05 May 2005


Dare Obasanjo had a great idea -- list the top 5 sites you read that still need syndicated feeds. Here are mine (heavily slanted towards entertainment, as most of computer geeks have already gotten the clue):

  • Pitchfork Media (needs two, really -- one for news, one for reviews)
  • Emusic (had experimental new release and recommendations feeds once; they went away)
  • (needs feeds for all the "sub-sites", news and reviews)
  • My Tivo's "Now Playing" screen (yes, there's a hacky way to do this, but it should be a supported feature)
  • Comcast needs a service advisories feed, keyed to region (one for TV, one for broadband?)

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The Magic Word:
The two elements in water are hydrogen and ______

“Although Poles suffer official censorship, a pervasive secret
police and laws similar to those in the USSR, there are
thousands of underground publications, a legal independent
Church, private agriculture, and the East bloc’s first and only
independent trade union federation, NSZZ Solidarnosc, which is
an affiliate of both the International Confederation of Free
Trade Unions and the World Confederation of Labor. There is
literally a world of difference between Poland - even in its
present state of collapse - and Soviet society at the peak of
its “glasnost.” This difference has been maintained at great
cost by the Poles since 1944.
— David Phillips, SUNY at Buffalo, about establishing a
gateway from EARN (Eurpoean Academic Research Network)
to Poland