Thu, 22 Apr 2004

Cue Michael Corleone in GFIII

Originally posted as a comment on this rant, but somebody at Harvard doesn't like me and won't allow me to post there.

The default, out of the box setups for Moveable Type and Blogger create files at index.rdf and atom.xml automatically, respectively, correct? Seems like a pretty good reason to look for those files if it's indexing a known weblog that hasn't done the expected autodiscovery mumbo-jumbo in it's <head>.

Looking at my logs, though, Google is indexing my RSS 2.0 and RSS 0.91 files, and not my Atom and RSS 1.0 feeds.

Dammit, Google is flexing their muscles and trying to kill Atom and RDF. It's a conspiracy, I tell you!

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