Sun, 31 Oct 2021

Happy Halloween!

hands from the earth

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The Magic Word:
The two elements in water are hydrogen and ______

Are your glasses mended with a strip of masking tape right over your nose?
Do you put pennies in the slots in your penny loafers?
Does your bow-tie flash “hey you kid” in red neon at parties?
Do you think pizza before noon is unhealthy?
Do you use the “greasy kid’s stuff” to stick down your cowlick?
Do you wear a “nerd-pack” in your shirt pocket to keep the dozen
or so pencils from marking the cloth?
Do you think Mary Jane is somebody’s name?
Is illegal fishing something only a daring criminal would do?
Is Batman your hero? Superman? Green Lantern? The Shadow?
Do you think girls who kiss on the first date are loose?

Rate yourself on the nerd-o-matic scale. (1 point for each YES answer)
0-2 — You are really hip, a real cool cat, a hoopy frood.
3-5 — There is hope for you yet.
6-7 — Uh-oh, trouble in River City.
8-10 — Your immortal soul is in peril.
11+ — Does suicide seem attractive?