Sun, 11 Jan 2004


  • Steven Frank: "Confidential to T-Mobile: NASA is downloading 36 MB TIFFs from Mars and I only get 2 bars of signal on my cell phone inside my house. Please look into upgrading."
  • Bruce Loebrich: "If I can't figure out the posting URL on my own weblog, I need to sober up to the point that I can."
  • Jeremy Hedley: "The tofu seller walks around pulling a wagon with various kinds of tofu and blowing the Pavlovian tofu-call. You run outside and buy some tofu."
  • Sean M. Burke: "What I think is the best approach is to change one's first name to a diminutive form. So if a "John Doe" builds up a richly deserved reputation as a blowhard and right bastard, but then he shapes up, he need simply 1) permanently change his realname in his email program to "Johnny Doe", and 2) explain the reasons for this to whoever asks."

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