Fri, 18 Jul 2003


  • Tim Bray:

    I think that if we are so foolish as to sit here for the next three to five years waiting for the Longhorn Browsing Experience, we'll really regret it; but we'll deserve what we get.


    People, on average and in the long term, aren't stupid and aren't patient and aren't cowards. When there's an obviously better way to get the job done, they go out and get it, and management can't stop them, and Forrester and Gartner can't stop them, and Accenture and EDS can't stop them, and not even Microsoft can stop them.

  • Bill Kearney:
    Does your community have a mailing list? If not, how about starting one? It might seem sort of hokey but hey, maybe your neighbor down the street can fix something for you as well.
    ed: Not a bad idea at all. I think I'll put something like this in motion in my local area. No idea about how to publicize it, though...
  • Edd Dumbill:"Furthermore, since when is 4% an ignorable minority in a customer base of 13 million? That's 520,000 customers potentially disadvantaged."
  • Another cute experimental Google feature. Practical? Probably not. Fun? Yes.

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