Sat, 29 Mar 2003

Drive-By #9

  • DMCA critics decry state-level proposals
    WASHINGTON--Critics of the federal Digital Millennium Copyright Act said Friday that they were disturbed by proposals for similar laws at the state level.
    Quietly, opponents said, with few people paying close attention, state legislators are considering bills that would be even broader than the controversial DMCA, which restricts bypassing copy-protection measures.[CNet]

  • 50 Best Pocket-sized Gadgets for 2003
    A pen that receives FM radio; a talking keyring; a lighter that will also open bottles: they'll all fit into your pocket, so in terms of consumption, these gadgets are less than conspicuous [The Independent]

  • Luxuriant Flowing Hair Club for Scientists™
    The Luxuriant Flowing Hair Club for Scientists (LFHCfS) is a club for scientists who have, or believe they have, luxuriant flowing hair. [The Annals of Improbable Research]

  • Gratuitously Gratuitous
    A World of Girls Kissing. (probably only SFW if your boss is really cool.)

  • BitTorrent 3.2
    • Better network utilization
    • More even and consistent download rates
    • Read-only files now supported for seeding
    • The Windows build now takes command line arguments
    • Several bug fixes

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The two elements in water are hydrogen and ______

One evening he spoke. Sitting at her feet, his face raised to her,
he allowed his soul to be heard. “My darling, anything you wish, anything
I am, anything I can ever be… That’s what I want to offer you — not the
things I’ll get for you, but the thing in me that will make me able to get
them. That thing — a man can’t renounce it — but I want to renounce it — so
that it will be yours — so that it will be in your service — only for you.”
The girl smiled and asked: “Do you think I’m prettier than Maggie
He got up. He said nothing and walked out of the house. He never
saw that girl again. Gail Wynand, who prided himself on never needing a
lesson twice, did not fall in love again in the years that followed.
— Ayn Rand, “The Fountainhead”