Sat, 21 Jun 2003

Drive-By #14

  • History of RSS date formats
    (If you don't know what I'm talking about, trust me, you don't want to know. Stop reading right now before you get sucked into this world.)

    [dive into mark]

  • It's the M6 doll road!words cannot do justice

    A burning cargo of sex toys closed one of the country's busiest sections of motorway and brought the Midlands to a standstill today.

    Paraphernalia including whips, plastic breasts and dolls spilled from the wagon and onto the road as fire crews sought to make the lorry safe.

    [ic Birmingham]

  • Packaging groups coordinate efforts to deliver software for Mac OS X
    The Fink, Gentoo,and DarwinPorts projects are pleased to announce the formation of a cooperative development alliance forged to facilitate delivery of freely available software to Mac OS X. Under this new alliance, the projects will share information and coordinate efforts for porting software to Apple's Mac OS X and Darwin operating systems. Members of the alliance will share information using the Web site, which will provide a home for this cooperative effort.


  • Paroled rapper races to finish song before curfew
    A new compilation from super producers the Neptunes features "Operator," the first song Ol' Dirty Bastard recorded after his release from prison. The rapper -- now calling himself Dirt McGirt -- laid down the track with Pharrell Williams in ninety-eight minutes, rushing to beat a midnight parole curfew.

    [Rolling Stone]

  • William Marshall, Actor in Movies and on Broadway, Dies at 78as Blacula
    William Marshall, a serious actor who played Shakespearean roles including Othello, was best known as Blacula, an African prince bitten by Dracula.

    [New York Times]

  • features Full Screen Quicktime VR Panoramas from VR Photographers all over the world. will find more than 80 fullscreen QTVR movies from more than 25 different countries made by more than 50 photographers.

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