Sat, 03 May 2003

Drive-By #12


    Mutant Storm is inspired by Williams classic RoboTron, Smash TV and Jeff Minter's fantastic Llamatron.

    To those unacquainted, this means one hand controlling fire direction, and the other controlling movement. Sounds confusing? ...don't worry, just grab your trusty dual stick joypad and give it a go. Its very simple once you try, and very effective when you're used to it.

  • Rude Food
    As a subject, rude food can be roughly divided into three main areas: natural rude food, eg. mishapen carrots and bulbous courgettes, intentional rude food, eg. pasta pubes and Fat Bastard chardonnay, and the area that concerns us here, unintentional rude food, the product either of language differences or gross naivety.
  • ITEM OF THE WEEKFelicidade Groover purse in synthetic leather, $144.95, available at
    When an accessory lets you flaunt your style, musical taste and tech skills and carry everything you need for the day, you know that form and function have finally fallen in love.
  • MITCH ALBOM: It's back to the Palace!

    ORLANDO -- Ben Wallace leapt for a rolling rebound and rammed it through the rim. A minute later, he whacked a Gordan Giricek shot halfway to the Magic Kingdom. Two minutes later, Chauncey Billups, finishing the night of his NBA playoff life, banged home a three-pointer that silenced the crowd. And before you knew it, the Pistons were on their jet, waving good-bye to the city of Mickey and Minnie, with one question on their minds:

    What are you doing Sunday?

    [The Detroit Free Press]
  • AOL Kills Puppies [via Erosblog (nsfw)]

    AOL has a rule in the fine print that says that we must NOT put a web link into any email!!  Yep - it's there in the fine print.  Take a look.

    Well I had our website ( ) on the bottom of my email and someone ratted me out - saying they found the website "offensive" - this is the site for dogs and cats in animal shelters - not a porn site.

    So AOL went in and changed my password.  Oh yes they sent me an email explaining why they had changed my password.  But I never got that email - because they had changed my  password.  And I never got the email that told me a litter of puppies needed out of the Downey shelter NOW.  And thanks to AOL those puppies died that night. And I was on the phone for over an hour trying to get my email back.

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