Sat, 08 Mar 2003

Drive-By #6

  • Disturbing guy in leatherNo, I don't want to "feel your Flying V"
    Is the iconography intentional, or is this guy just clueless? Er, not that there's anything wrong with that.

  • The BALANCE Act of 2003
    For over one hundred years, copyright law has aspired to strike a fair balance between the interests of copyright holders in the control and exploitation of their works with the interests of society in the free flow of ideas, information and commerce. The great challenge today is to maintain that balance in the digital age by finding ways to prevent and punish digital pirates without treating every consumer as one. The Benefit Authors without Limiting Advancement or Net Consumer Expectations (BALANCE) Act of 2003 achieves this, and does so without utilizing government mandates or other prescriptive measures that ultimately only serve to stifle innovation. [Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren, California, 16th District]

  • Insert your own "Dell Dude" joke here
    Doughty was jailed Sunday on suspicion of shooting his Dell computer four times with a revolver earlier that day in the middle of the Sportsman's Inn Bar and Restaurant.

    He then allegedly hung the destroyed laptop on the wall "like a hunting trophy," said Lt. Rick Bashor with the Lafayette Police Department. [The Daily Camera]

  • RIAA's 'Hide The Website' game moves to Virginia
    The RIAA's travelling "Hide The Website" gameshow rolled into Virginia this week, with a new hosting company given the privilege (or curse) of looking after one of the world's most reviled web destinations. ... This time, it's an accounting firm in Arlington, VA called Kilday CPA. [The Register]

  • Movement 2003 -- Detroit's Electronic Music Festival
    Fans will find a three-day techno party at Hart Plaza on Memorial Day weekend, but it won't be the Detroit Electronic Music Festival.

    After three years of the DEMF, a different name will grace the riverfront marquee this year: Movement 2003 -- Detroit's Electronic Music Festival. [The Detroit Free Press]

  • The Terror-o-meter
    terrormeter.jpgSomeone's actually gone and built a meter which gauges the world's level of terror by connecting to the Internet and continually analysing the appearance of certain terror-related keyworks in global news feeds. As if anyone really needs a constant, easy-to-read reminder of the distressing state of the world right in front of them at all times. You could just leave Fox News on all day and achieve the same effect.
    Read [Via StreetTech] [Gizmodo]

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