Sun, 09 Feb 2003

Drive-By #2

  • A Night Away From the Opera

    Did Opera expect some sort of prize just for showing up? Any Mac user could tell you that just showing up is not enough. Nobody wants an afterthought for a browser, or a second-rate knockoff of your shining Windows star.

    [Surfin' Safari]
  • What Ever Happened To Baby Mike?

    Gone the artistry of the airbrush, wizardry of make up artists and the kind, magic lighting of studio crafted reality. You can see the rumored (please note inventive use of word "rumored" to avoid a law suit...) fake-nose-tip-prothesis hanging off as well as the scars.

    [The HisTory of Michael Jackson's face]
  • Pepsi's sticky race war

    Ozzy Osbourne vs. Ludacris! Bill O'Reilly vs. Russell Simmons! Beneath the goofy grudge match over those Pepsi TV ads lies some real racial hypocrisy.

  • Browser battle rekindling--Dominance of Microsoft's Internet Explorer under attack

    Software developers have created Web browsers with built-in pop-up-ad blockers, spam filters and code so malleable that the same program can fit on a hand-held as well as a desktop computer. But unless you do more than click the blue "e" icon on your screen, you may never enjoy these features.

    [Chicago Tribune]
  • Power laws and priorities

    Now, does that mean that blogging is pointless? Well yes, if what you're after is fame and fortune. Those 3 hits a day are almost certainly not going to balloon into 3000 or 3 million. And even if you combine all the 3-hit sites together, they won't ever move markets like The New York Times. On the other hand, those 3 hits are the most important thing in the world, because they're real people.

    [dive into mark]

    Ed: Amen.

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