Sat, 01 Feb 2003

Drive-By #1 (via NetNewsWire Pro)

  • Making a Virtue of Vice City
    The Design Museum in London has put Grand Theft Auto: Vice City on its short-list of nominees for the Designer of the Year award. But its sexual and violent content mean organizers won't show the game at the award's exhibition. By DaithíÓ hAnluain. [Wired News]

  • Feral hippos haunt druglord's estate
    The animals of Pablo "drug kingpin" Escobar's private zoo have gone feral, and ten hippopotami now roam the grounds of his estate north of Bogata.

    A dozen refugee children play in the grounds all day, and the hippos watch them from the lake. Only the tops of the hippos' massive, reddish-brown heads and their constantly twitching ears show above the water. If the children come too close to the shore, the hippos snort and bluster and open their jaws menacingly, or make a rolling dive, to scare them away...
    LinkDiscuss (via MeFi) [Boing Boing]

  • Tabbed browsing in Safari - What for?
    Combining Safari, AppleScript and the nature of the OS X system, a new and more efficient way of browsing can be created that makes the question of tabbed browsing somewhat irrelevant. [Studio Log]

  • Poor Man's Theremin
    Here's how you can play music with your wireless network card. [Linux Journal]

  • Unplugged
    I have no idea what I'm going to do with myself. [dive into mark]

  • Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter
    From: Eclectic DVD - Year: 2002 - Rated: Not Rated - Release Date: January 28, 2003 - Features: Extras! * [ DVD Reviews]

  • Yo La Tengo: "Nuclear War"
    The versatile New Jersey indie rockers team up with a varied cast for four enchanting remakes of Sun Ra's antiwar classic. [Salon]

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