Sun, 29 Sep 2013

Blog Tag Meta Whatever Question


Some of my posts have tags, and I actually started applying them a long time ago (long before the Great Hiatus, even.) Way back when, I think they pointed to Technorati, which ought to give you an idea of how long I’ve been doing it. Then they pointed to Delicious. Considering both of those sites are basically undead, I figure I ought to point them somewhere else. Linking them to Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ searches doesn’t feel quite right either, though. All of those sites “silo” their searches. The world seems to have settled on hashtagging, so I’m formatting the tags that way, now.

Are there any general purpose search engines (or heck, even somewhat user-friendly SemWeb engines) that make use of hashtags in a less, well, selfish fashion?

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The Magic Word:
The two elements in water are hydrogen and ______

Proposed Additions to the PDP-11 Instruction Set:

BBW Branch Both Ways
BEW Branch Either Way
BBBF Branch on Bit Bucket Full
BH Branch and Hang
BMR Branch Multiple Registers
BOB Branch On Bug
BPO Branch on Power Off
BST Backspace and Stretch Tape
CDS Condense and Destroy System
CLBR Clobber Register
CLBRI Clobber Register Immediately
CM Circulate Memory
CMFRM Come From — essential for truly structured programming
CPPR Crumple Printer Paper and Rip
CRN Convert to Roman Numerals