Mon, 16 Sep 2013

Sorta Linkblogging

Social linkdanceEven before Google took Ol' Yeller out back and put him down, they killed one of the most useful features, shared items. They were a nice way of sharing links among your social group, without the pressure of coming up with anything pithy to say, and without cluttering up your Twitter feed or Facebook stream. I have my Pinboard feed, of course, but those links are more for me than anyone else.

I realize that what I'm missing now is a way to share links with the vanishingly small number of people who might give a crap about them, without burying my aunts and coworkers with stuff they don't care about. This is where having a blog again comes in handy. The only people running feed aggregators these days are committed web geeks. It's a problem that solves itself.

This is a windy/wordy way of saying I'm going to start linkblogging here again. If you care, you can subscribe to a substream of them (Blosxom, rocking again!) at

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