Sun, 08 Sep 2013

Blogging’s Not Dead, It Just Smells Funny

Even before I let this blog be down for an entire year, I'd pretty much stopped writing in it completely. I was trying to figure out why that happened -- early on, I was writing, or at least linking, stuff pretty much every day. So I looked back at the old entries, and a lot of them were one-liners, posts of pictures (my own or ones found on the net), quick links.

Looking at other people's blogs, I notice the same thing. It's no great mystery, then. When I have a quick thought, it ends up on Twitter. If I see a silly pic, I post it on mlkshk. If I take "better" pictures, they get posted on Flickr. Collections of links go to Pinboard. Stuff that doesn't really fit elsewhere goes on Google+.

It's not perfect, though. Anything you post at a place you don't own isn't really yours (I'm thinking of all the stuff I posted on Delicious, Posterous, LiveJournal -- stuff that, if it even exists anymore, is in a form where it doesn't do me any good.)

I'm not promising I'm going to suddenly start blogging again like it's 2002. I'm just saying, well, having your own place is nice.

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