Fri, 25 Jul 2008

iPhone Free Software Ringtone

If you’re a free software kinda person who feels guilty about your heresy/iPhone purchase, you can always try to ease your karmic burden by rocking the Free Software Song as a ringtone (128k, no copyrights claimed.)

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Looks Like The iPhone App Update Logjam Is (At Least Partially) Broken

iTunes app updates thumb

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Sat, 19 Jul 2008

This Week In Noxious Gadgetry (Teh Internets in Yr. Pants edition)

I’ve owned an iPod touch since the beginning of the year and it’s a pretty cool device— it does the expected iPod stuff with a very nice screen for video and the bonus of being a WiFi enabled handheld web browser. I also, for work, carry the world’s worst mobile phone. That’s actually probably a little unfair— it’s probably not so much worse than all the other shitty little phones billions of people carry around, but I do hate the thing — horrible UI, poor battery life, impossible to find accessories (sync cables, chargers) for, etc.

Back to positive things, as mentioned above, I really do like the iPod touch, particularly the net-enabledness of it. As ubiquitous as WiFi is, though, finding a quality clear and open connection when I’m out and about is always a bit of a crapshoot. Watching the prerelease hype for the 3g iPhone, I finally decided that what I really wanted was an iPod touch that had an always-on connection. A few months back I looked into getting something like the CradlePoint PHS300, but quickly realized that then I’d be carrying 3 little devices around all the time, and that’s just silly.

So, I, um, bought an iPhone (Tammie did, too.) We hit the sweet spot in terms of availibility — we purchased at the Somerset Apple store on Saturday. This meant that the Friday launch day activation disaster had been resolved (a friend and I talked to a guy Friday who spent 6 hours waiting for a phone), but there were still actually phones available (most stores sold out on Sunday.) We got in line @ 2:30 PM and were inside the store at 4:00. We walked out with two working phones a half hour later.

  • What’s to like
    • It’s teh Internets, in mah pants. Duh.
    • It’s still a great iPod
    • Remote
    • I get to make Sven smile
    • Safari is a great mobile browser. The fact that it works everywhere now and not just when I get lucky is officially :)
    • The already way fun Maps application that I knew and loved from the iPod touch gains immensely in utility when paired with even the halfassed GPS in the phone. I may never be lost again.
    • Syndicated feeds and Twitter and and Flickr and all that crap are a natural fit, and the new apps for them in the App Store are largely pretty good, if a mite buggy.
    • The lack of Flash is a feature.
  • What’s not to like
    • If I turn on all the advertised goodies (3g, WiFi, location services, paired Bluetooth headset support) the thing plows through a battery charge like Lindsay Lohan though an eightball. I’ve quickly learned to take advantage of charging opportunities when I get them.
    • 2 years indentured servitude to a phone company
    • Freetards yell at me for not donning a mobile hairshirt instead.
    • Accessories (cases, etc.) are thin on the ground — manufacturers are still converting over their lines from the 1st-gen iPhone.

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Sat, 12 Jul 2008

Hooray for the Remote

this is a screenshot of the iPhone/iPod touch remote app. Whee.

...and built-in screenshots, too.

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