Sun, 18 May 2008

The Only Thing On The Internet Stupider Than Youtube Comments

It’s been a few years since I’ve really paid much attention to gaming consoles. Since I own one again I’m trying to pay at least moderate attention to the various gaming sites so I know what’s coming out and when, how to spool content from my computers to it, etc. One thing I’ve (blissfully) forgotten in the interval is how obnoxiously stupid console fanboys are. Every time I follow a link to an article about a title or accessory or feature I’m interested in, I make the mistake of reading past the end of the article and I see the comments posted by the various mental giants who’ve invested their entire self worth on which small television-attached beeping box sells the most units. It’s almost as bad as adults who hold a grudge against other cities because the hired-gun millionaires that run around in the stadiums and arenas in their town won or lost versus the hired-gun millionaires that run around in someone else’s.

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