Wed, 16 May 2007

What’s Your Web 2.0? (meme-alert!)

Randy memetagged me. Basically, you enumerate all the websites that you use; daily, weekly and monthly.

  • Daily
    • Gmail — The webmail to end all webmail. No comment necessary.
    • Google Reader — My preferred feed aggregator: works great if you read feeds from multiple locations, fast and feature-rich.
    • — Bookmarking and linkblogging in one. I pull my bookmarks to my desktop and laptop where they’re searchable with Spotlight. I can’t function without it.
    • — IMO, the best of the social music websites. Makes it easy to keep track of the music your friends are enjoying, makes discovering new bands you might be interested in a delight, via customized streaming music. It’s all a million times more pleasant than they aesthetic car crash that is MySpace. I love the new event tracking features, too.
    • Twitter — I tend to use it as a cross between an IM client that I can toggle on and off at will and an inanities blog. The fact that i can update via SMS when I’m bored out of my skull standing in line somewhere is just a bonus.
    • Netvibes — My default “portal”, complete with headlines from various sources.
    • Icanhascheezburger — My daily lolcat fix.
  • Weekly
    • Digg — The occasional nugget of information buried inside a steaming pile of trollcrap, yay.
    • Slashdot — Slashdot has actually improved a bit since some of the morons moved to Digg. :) Still some knowlegeable posters poke their heads out of the deluge from time to time.
    • Flickr — I share my photos here. The community features are nice, the API means that there are lots of supporting applications (both desktop and web-based), and the Atom feeds are quite useful.
    • Emusic — One of the “best kept secrets” in internet music for years. A reasonable fee nets you a nice chunk of music on independent labels every month, DRM-free. I’ve been a member since 2000, and have hundreds of legally downloaded albums from the service.
    • iTunes Store — Though it’s not always the best value (see the item immediately above), the iTunes store has the advantage of a truly huge selection and immediate availability, as well as tight integration for iPod owners.
    • WowHead — My favorite of the World of Warcraft reference sites, ideal for figuring out what you need to do to get the Sword of A Thousand Truths to drop. Nice use of DHTML for function, not just eyecandy, too.
    • Television Without Pity — Not so much Web 2.0 as just fun and useful. Amusing recaps of episodic television.
    • Mozy — Continuous online backup. Still in beta (at least for Macs) but promising.
  • Monthly
    • Joost — Still not completely sold on their approach, but worth a look.
    • The Armory — Blizzard’s own bit of info-porn for the WoW playerbase.

    I’m tagging Sven and Chris.

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