Fri, 04 Jul 2003

Top Ten Problems With Safari's Web Page Display

Dave Hyatt asked for our Top 10 Non-UI Safari Issues as trackbacks. The good news is that I only came up with 7 things to whine about. I hope this is helpful.

  1. Minimum font size needs to be restored as a default. You guys got this right the first time around (in the betas), and broke it in 1.0. Don't break correctly designed pages in favor of ones that do something stupid (IMO): relying on micro-sized text spans for spacer purposes.
  2. <acronym> / <abbr> need to be supported via tooltips in the page display area, rather than in the status bar
  3. Likewise, it would be nice to see "title" attributes for at least <a> tags displayed as tooltips
  4. Not your bug, but some heavyweight evangelism/pressure/engineer loaning from Apple as an organization might help here -- Microsoft needs to deliver a Windows Media Plugin that works with Webkit, especially now that they've stopped IE development.
  5. Printing support is sketchy. At the very least, if printing is going to fail, it should fail in a predictable way -- right now printing in Safari is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get.
  6. Implement LiveConnect functionality
  7. This is going to be annoyingly non-technical as a bug report, but there are still some threading issues when using Safari in tabbed mode. A slow loading page in one tab can bring the whole browser (all tabs) to a screeching halt while it renders, which just doesn't seem right.
  8. It would be nice if Safari supported gzip-encoded pages.

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