Sun, 01 May 2005

Burning Bright

I brought my copy of Tiger home Friday night. The CompUSA a mile or so from the office had a little 6PM event. It was nothing fancy, just an Apple rep with a few Spotlight penlights to give away. There was an iPod shuffle raffle, too. I thought about heading over to the nearby Apple Store, but the thought of navigating westbound Big Beaver Rd. during a Friday rush hour didn’t appeal.

There are far better places you should be visiting to get an in-depth review. I’ve been enjoying playing around with the new release quite a bit. The convenient overlap of the Tiger release with an apparent meltdown in the Windows universe has provided the requisite bit of schadenfreude to make the whole experience even sweeter.

As is my lazy way, I’ll just throw out a few bullet points and get back to playing WoW.

  • The drumbeat going into the release was all “SpotlightSpotlightSpotlight”, but I think CoreImage is the real sleeper hit. Playing around with the complete eyecandy OpenGL-infused RSS screensaver was fun, finding out that it was completely created with Quartz Composer was mindblowing.
  • Wow, Mail’s gotten ugly.
  • I did an update install, by the way. I always do update installs.
  • Already a ton of community activity as far as things like Automator workflows and Dashboard widgets are concerned.

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