Mon, 26 Sep 2016

Home Server Addendum

GkrellM AdamMicro Center is selling the Raspberry Pi Zero for 99¢ as a loss leader. I bought one, then spent another few bucks for a boot disk and a USB-to-Ethernet adapter and a minimal case. Total investment: about $15.

I’m using it as a Pi-Hole machine.

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“Yo, Mike!”
“Yeah, Gabe?”
“We got a problem down on Earth. In Utah.”
“I thought you fixed that last century!”
“No, no, not that. Someone’s found a security problem in the physics
program. They’re getting energy out of nowhere.”
“Blessit! Lemme look… Hey, it’s
there all right! OK, just a sec…
There, that ought to patch it. Dist it out, wouldja?”
— Cold Fusion, 1989