Sun, 22 May 2005

Not Fooling Around Anymore

A couple of weeks ago, my third el-cheapo inkjet in as many years turned into a pile of useless plastic crap.

I’m not #@%ing around anymore.

My newest printer weighs about 100 pounds, is rated for 30000 pages a month, and takes raw toner refills. With the money saved, I will immediately switch to Dom Perignon for all my beverage needs.

I bought it at a computer show for approximately what 3 cartridges would have cost me for my old inkjet. It sits in a back room, where its bulk and noise don’t bother me, produces crisp text and solid color graphics, fast, and has a network print server and Adobe Postscript built in. It uses more electricity than I’d like, so it’ll be turned off most of the time.

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