Thu, 28 Feb 2008

FriendFeed Seems A-OK So Far

friendfeed thumbnailLike most people who waste a bit too much time online, I’ve reached the point where I have far too many feeds and accounts on “social” websites to keep track of. I tried creating a “life feed” using Yahoo Pipes, but it’s a bit of a PITA because of the varying quality of the feeds produced by these applications (i.e. broken or at least suspect date handling, bad use of GUIDs, etc., and don’t get me started on how the various deficiencies in RSS contribute to this mess) and the fun and games involved in trying to use a graphical scripting environment in a browser.

I understand that Facebook will do something like this, but I’ve vowed to be the last person on earth to get a Facebook account — my (perhaps unfair) opinion is that FaceBook is like MySpace, only without musicians — so I started looking elsewhere. I tried out Mugshot, but something about the “feel” of the service seemed off to me — it seemed like way too much work to get my various feeds and memberships integrated.

Today I tried FriendFeed, which seems to do pretty much what I was hoping with a minimum of setup drama. Hand it a few URLs and it does it’s thing. I’m ffg on the service (of course).

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