Mon, 26 Jul 2004

If You Won't Disco, I Won't Dance

What do all the trendy aggregated political sites have in common? No support for feed autodiscovery.

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The Magic Word:
The two elements in water are hydrogen and ______

… This striving for excellence extends into people’s personal
lives as well. When ‘80s people buy something, they buy the best one, as
determined by (1) price and (2) lack of availability. Eighties people buy
imported dental floss. They buy gourmet baking soda. If an ‘80s couple
goes to a restaurant where they have made a reservation three weeks in
advance, and they are informed that their table is available, they stalk
out immediately, because they know it is not an excellent restaurant. If
it were, it would have an enormous crowd of excellence-oriented people
like themselves waiting, their beepers going off like crickets in the
night. An excellent restaurant wouldn’t have a table ready immediately
for anybody below the rank of Liza Minnelli.
— Dave Barry, “In Search of Excellence”