Wed, 06 Aug 2003

Atom 0.2 feed

It took just a few minutes of work to revise my Necho 0.1 feed to work with the new Atom 0.2 snapshot (it validates, too.) I guess that makes me a BigCo. ;)

Implementation notes:

As written, this flavour requires the rss10, foreshortened, and lastmodified (with a small patch, included) plugins. If you're running Blosxom 2.0, you can grab my Atom 0.2 flavour files here. It uses a CDATA encoded version of the individual posts. If you're enough of a stud so that your blog's totally valid XHTML you might want to modify story.atom to serve the non-encoded representation instead. I wasn't going there with my own stuff-- some of these entries get written after midnight, but hey, knock yourself out.

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The Magic Word:
The two elements in water are hydrogen and ______

When I think about myself,
I almost laugh myself to death,
My life has been one great big joke, Sixty years in these folks’ world
A dance that’s walked The child I works for calls me girl
A song that’s spoke, I say “Yes ma’am” for working’s sake.
I laugh so hard I almost choke Too proud to bend
When I think about myself. Too poor to break,
I laugh until my stomach ache,
When I think about myself.
My folks can make me split my side,
I laughed so hard I nearly died,
The tales they tell, sound just like lying,
They grow the fruit,
But eat the rind,
I laugh until I start to crying,
When I think about my folks.
— Maya Angelou