Sun, 06 Jun 2010

Seems Like A Photo Moment Worth Commemorating


It took 5½ years to get there, but I think this is a nice time to look back on the photos I’ve posted to Flickr over time.

IMG_3675 Moritz Von Oswald Trio + 1 Amber: big leaf pile @ Starr Park
Airship Hangar @ Tustin Codie I said GO AWAY!
Don Brooks TSB 2009-02-12 Detroit River Ice, Pier 500
Partners Mom & Dad on Pine Island Howard's, back side
The Hulk has His Way With You Melvindale West, Oct 12, 2008 Fayetteville, Sep 16, 2008
Brian Gillespie Klav Kalash! Natalie, a/k/a “Miss Detroit”
With chaps, the "assless" is always implied... Monorail! Aunt Daisy and Uncle John
Blue blocks Rocking Horse, Winner Keeping a car happy in subzero weather
lucky 13 Yes, it is. Advertising maid cafes
Hanging with my boys... Poster Bunny Heidi, KOed.
More grapes Skyline Silhouette the_denuded_bush

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