Sun, 08 Jun 2003

Yay, Meaghan!

Congratulations to my niece, Meaghan Johnson. Her high school track team finshed second overall in the Ohio Division III (Girls) state track championships, and her relay squad won the 4x200 relays. Though only a freshman, Meaghan competed on the varsity squad this year.

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The Magic Word:
Which planet is closest to the sun? (hint -- it's Mercury...)

Just as most issues are seldom black or white, so are most good solutions
seldom black or white. Beware of the solution that requires one side to be
totally the loser and the other side to be totally the winner. The reason
there are two sides to begin with usually is because neither side has all
the facts. Therefore, when the wise mediator effects a compromise, he is
not acting from political motivation. Rather, he is acting from a deep
sense of respect for the whole truth.
— Stephen R. Schwambach