Sun, 13 Jul 2003

Give Me An Effin' Break

if you want to develop software, you can build for the Web and/or Unix and/or OSS platforms; or alternatively, you can be a sharecropper. - The Web's the Place

Sharecroppers performed backbreaking physical labor for almost no money, and existed in an environment where a bad harvest or a duplicitous landowner could spell the difference between a survivable (but meager) winter and near-starvation.

Software engineers work in air conditioned offices, usually for at least decent pay, and have freedom of movement, self-determination, and the opportunity for professional advancement.

My aunt tells a great story of the night her grandmother (my great-grandmother) and her family headed north out of Mississippi ahead of a lynch mob, having completely torched a crop of cotton in the fields because the landowner tried to cheat them out of the proceeds they'd earned that year. She'd have kicked your pansy coding ass. Mine too.

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The two elements in water are hydrogen and ______

Scott’s First Law:
No matter what goes wrong, it will probably look right.

Scott’s Second Law:
When an error has been detected and corrected, it will be found
to have been wrong in the first place.
After the correction has been found in error, it will be
impossible to fit the original quantity back into the