Sun, 19 Jan 2003

Carol Marvin: Don't Go Away Mad, Just Go Away

The City of Detroit finally restored a little sanity to the administration of the Detroit Electronic Music Festival by restoring control of the Memorial Day event to an artist-led group that includes Derrick May, Carl Craig, and Kevin Saunderson.

As one might imagine, this didn't go over well with ber control-freak Carol Marvin, who has issued a string of bizarre statements claiming everything from ownership of the festival name to rights to Hart Plaza on Memorial Day weekend, even going so far as to announce an alliance with long-retired boxer (and techno icon, naturally, WTF?) Tommy Hearns. Remember that t-shirt from a couple years back? "I had sex with Carol Marvin, and she ruined that, too."

Ordinarily I would simply recommend that she quietly withdraw from the fray to preserve a little grace, but she lost all pretense of class the day she fired Carl Craig in 2001, so that's a little pointless. Please, Ms. Marvin, let the artists and the real fans enjoy something nice, and go find something else to occupy your time.

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