Fri, 09 Jul 2004

Miscellaneous Goobers, Return From Patagonia Edition

  • What do you call a million SUVs at the bottom of the ocean?A good start.
  • "One thing I wish Apple had done differently is respect the white-on-orange icon. Such a small thing, but so important." - Dave Winer

    Um, no. Can you imagine a company as aesthetically, well, sensitive as Apple biting off a chunk of little orange stupid?

  • You know what I want for Christmas? Markup Barbie. You pull a string and she says "XML is tough." -
  • Ah, Hollywood"Keira Knightly Bazoomed for King Arthur Promotion"
  • Blending reality TV with a bit of "rumspringa," the UPN network is launching a controversial new series this month centered on a group of Amish teens as they venture from their rural environs into the outside world. - Reuters
  • Before the buzz wears off on all the Jay-Z album remix projects, will someone please make THE BLACK DOG ALBUM? Seriously. Bytes? You know it would be fantastic. All those celestial breakdance fantasies swirling around Ed and Andy's heads? There's enough hip-hop there to make it work. - Dan Sicko

    Doing my part to spread the meme. :)

  • As a resident of the Great Lakes State, I'm happy to hear that Kelly Ripa's new $27.5mil deal requires her to comply with the provisions of the Great Lakes Agreement.

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