Sat, 22 Feb 2003

Drive-By #4

Now a Saturday tradition, with bells on...

  • The final preference

    An aged geek lies in bed, dying. From across the country, family members — some of whom he hasn’t seen in years — come to pay their respects.

    As life’s brief candle starts to flicker, the family strain forward to hear the geek’s last words.

    “I wish I’d spent more time configuring KDE”, he says. [mpt]

  • Only use 'em' and '%' units!
    ...those of you using font sizes set in pixels, or points, or millimeters: Your sites are actually unreadable now [Hixie's Natural Log]

  • Tired: Breast scarves. Wired: Butt skirts.

    No, it's not a see-through skirt. Rather, it's a regular skirt with an pretty realistic image of panties and legs silk-screened onto it.

    Call me crazy, but this faux-peeping-tommery seems dirtier than actually seeing the woman nude. Maybe that's the intent. These clothes do come from the land that brought you tentacle porn.[The Adventures of AccordionGuy in the 21st Century]

  • The Elements of Style

    SonyHeadphone-AIR.jpgThree new pairs of headphones from Sony, each one designed to be listened to with a particular style of music: A.I.R. for hip hop and rock (pictured at right), L.Q.D. for jazz, soul, and R&B, and S.L.d for house and trance. Read [Gizmodo]

  • Captured on Film: The True Story of Marion Davies

    From: Image Entertainment - Year: 2000 - Rated: Not Rated - Release Date: December 03, 2002 - Features: Extras! * - Recommended!

    For better or for worse, the modern memory of Marion Davies is cemented in the character of Susan Alexander in Citizen Kane. The drunken, talentless golddigger character from that classic film has utterly replaced the real-life talented woman Marion Davies was. This documentary takes a stab at righting that wrong, giving us a glimpse of the true Davies. [ DVD Reviews]

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