Wed, 28 Jan 2004

THE PRESIDENT: I need some ribs.

This is completely surreal. Thanks to Dan Sicko for the pointer.

nb: this President has only held 11 press conferences in three years in office.

I have never been more convinced of the absolute necessity of voting in presidential elections.

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The Magic Word:
Which planet is closest to the sun? (hint -- it's Mercury...)

A man is crawling through the Sahara desert when he is approached by another
man riding on a camel. When the rider gets close enough, the crawling man
whispers through his sun-parched lips, “Water… please… can you give…
“I’m sorry,” replies the man on the camel, “I don’t have any water
with me. But I’d be delighted to sell you a necktie.”
“Tie?” whispers the man. “I need *water*.”
“They’re only four dollars apiece.”
“I need *water*.”
“Okay, okay, say two for seven dollars.”
“Please! I need *water*!”, says the man.
“I don’t have any water, all I have are ties,” replies the salesman,
and he heads off into the distance.
The man, losing track of time, crawls for what seems like days.
Finally, nearly dead, sun-blind and with his skin peeling and blistering, he
sees a restaurant in the distance. Summoning the last of his strength he
staggers up to the door and confronts the head waiter.
“Water… can I get… water,” the dying man manages to stammer.
“I’m sorry, sir, ties required.”