Sat, 28 Jun 2003

Mr. Dangerous

'sup, Mr. Dangerous?

Mr. Dangerous:
Oh, the usual. Drinking grain alcohol, snorting my body weight in coke, having unprotected sex with heroin-addicted civet cats, oh yeah, and deploying RSS in my company.

Mr. Dangerous, you do live on the edge, don't you. That RSS thing scares the hell out of me. Why not take up something safer, like bullfighting?

Mr. Dangerous:
You know me, if it's not potentially lethal, I don't want anything to do with it.

But Mr. Dangerous, you don't know the havoc you can bring about by publishing an RSS feed? You could end wind up funky, locked in a trunk, or trapped in a maze of twisty namespaces, all alike!

Mr. Dangerous:
Is there an echo in here? I told you, I live for the risk. Compared to some of the crazy shit I do, this RSS thing is as easy as pie.

Be careful out there. The aggregated firepower being tossed around out there could bury a lesser man alive.

Mr. Dangerous:
It's all good. Time for my date with Ann Coulter. Peace.

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