Tue, 25 Feb 2003


(Taiwanese spam I received earlier... As an experiment in alternate character sets and because I thought it would be fun, I ran it through Systran's "Simplified Chinese to English" translator. Conclusion: spam just doesn't translate...)

Late at night 1?
Lies down on bed I not? Thinking...? The law goes to sleep
? Center? Is the parents? Weary? Body? ...
I do not rest.. Does not rest.......
Once? .. I? The next seaport wants? He? ? Good day
But meager wage? ? Law? I fulfill receive?
? ? Month ago.. I meet? To a piece of disc...
Short 40? Minute? .. I saw the hope
I gradually in? Place? Family diligently
But my receiving? ? ? ?
If you also thought? Family member? Good life
? Stays behind? Material, I? ? The piece disc sends? You
I guarantee? So long as you have understood, certain? ? You? ? Bright? Life
Name surname? Year? In family? ? Ok? ? ? ? Sends the address? ? ? ? ? Mails

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