Mon, 18 Dec 2006

Spent A Week In Florida

Princess balloonsSpent a few days with mom and dad, then paid fealty to the Great Rodent. There are photos here.

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The Magic Word:
The two elements in water are hydrogen and ______


Title: Are Frogs Turing Compatible?
Speaker: Don “The Lion” Knuth

Several researchers at the University of Louisiana have been studying
the computing power of various amphibians, frogs in particular. The problem
of frog computability has become a critical issue that ranges across all areas
of computer science. It has been shown that anything computable by an amphi-
bian community in a fixed-size pond is computable by a frog in the same-size
pond — that is to say, frogs are Pond-space complete. We will show that
there is a log-space, polywog-time reduction from any Turing machine program
to a frog. We will suggest these represent a proper subset of frog-computable
This is not just a let’s-see-how-far-those-frogs-can-jump seminar.
This is only for hardcore amphibian-computation people and their colleagues.
Refreshments will be served. Music will be played.