Sun, 30 Nov 2008

Charlie Brown Christmas Soundtrack for $1.99

I don't often do this sort of thing, but this is a really great deal and it only lasts one day...

For a while AmazonMP3 has been offering some crazy good one-day deals via Twitter. I've gotten a few really good albums for almost no money, and today's is a really special one.

There are no hidden affiliate links or anything, it's just a really good deal worth spreading around.

Disclaimer: I think (but I'm not positive) this is a US-only deal. Also, if you're reading this after 2008-Nov-30 (Sunday) you're already too late, sorry.

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X windows:
We will dump no core before its time.
One good crash deserves another.
A bad idea whose time has come. And gone.
We make excuses.
It didn’t even look good on paper.
You laugh now, but you’ll be laughing harder later!
A new concept in abuser interfaces.
How can something get so bad, so quickly?
It could happen to you.
The art of incompetence.
You have nothing to lose but your lunch.
When uselessness just isn’t enough.
More than a mere hindrance. It’s a whole new barrier!
When you can’t afford to be right.
And you thought we couldn’t make it worse.

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